White Rock Lake

White Rock Lake is the perfect place to come to in Dallas when you feel overwhelmed by a busy pace of life or when you feel stressed out about something that has happened recently. White Rock Lake is a paradise right in the heart of Dallas that allows you to sense that you are in your own world far removed from the demands of life. Thus, you are able to enjoy sitting on a park bench to just regather your thoughts and gain some much needed inner calm.

You will enjoy the fact that the park is well maintained and is super clean at all times. People like coming to this serene place, which is why each person seems to act as a caretaker of the nature of this area by being courteous not to litter the place with trash. You can enjoy about ten miles if you do the whole loop around the lake. Many people enjoy spending several hours at the lake. This is the perfect spot when you need to get away for a while on the weekend, but really do not want to leave the city for a long vacation. Therefore, the park is like a mini vacation without having to go far from home.

White Rock Lake is the ideal place when you want to take a long jog to feel the fresh air exhilarating your lungs. You can enjoy seeing some amazing wildlife here, such as a wide assortment of birds. There are several squirrels as well, which love gathering acorns from the many oak trees in the park. Also, there have been sightings of some cute rabbits that scurry about the park.

Many people enjoy hiking in this beautiful park. The park also offers great trails for bike riding. This is a terrific place for birdwatching. You will also enjoy chatting with the various people in the park who may stop by to share a bench when they need a quick break from a long walk. The sunsets over the water are majestic.

There are many picnic sites along the way with tables and grills. Be impressed by the several lovely water fountains that add to the charm of this welcoming piece of nature. This spot offers great fishing and there are many docks. The place is so tranquil and scenic, which is why it makes a great location for photography enthusiasts as well. Indeed, White Rock Lake really has some gorgeous areas that would make a nice backdrop for wedding photos, anniversary photos or even graduation photos.

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