The Dallas World Aquarium

The Dallas World Aquarium is an amazing place for you and the whole family to enjoy. You can see the funny otters, the lazy but cute sloths and the amusing penguins that seem to be happy all the time. Then you can enjoy the River Dive that is located in the Orinoco part of the Dallas World Aquarium. You will be impressed by the many creatures of the Caribbean that are located in the Mundo Maya section of the facility.

You will enjoy the vibrancy of the palm tree polyps. These are not trees, but rather they are a type of coral that have eight tentacles. They also have a feathery appearance in regard to their pinnules, which makes them have the resemblance of a palm tree’s branches. That is how this creature got its name.

You have likely seen a regular shrimp, but the Harlequin shrimp is no ordinary shrimp. This crustacean is stunningly beautiful as a result of having a cream colored body that is marked with spots in shades of purple and red that are quite distinctive. The pot-bellied seahorses are interesting and have been given this name as a result of having a stomach area that looks to be excessively large. You will notice that many of the seahorses here are fabulously bright with a sunny yellow color. But they can be gray, white, orange or even brown as well.

You probably love graceful zebras. Did you know that there is even a fish with the word zebra as part of its name? You can see the zebra angelfish at this well maintained aquarium. The fish has the name due to the fact of the male having stripes like a zebra on its body. The female does not have these stripes on her body, but she does have them on her tail, both on the top and bottom portions.

It cannot be denied that there is so much to see here at the aquarium. Then you will likely need to take a break to rest a bit and to eat something tasty, as all the interactions with the wonderful exhibits surely will cause you to work up an appetite. That is why you should head over to Cafe Maya, which is situated in the Mundo Maya part of the facility. You will enjoy various types of Tex Mex foods where you will also be able to view the shark tunnel as well as the luxurious flamingos. If you are craving pizza, salad, deli sandwiches or snacks, then you can enjoy a quick bite at the Jungle Cafe, which is located in the Orinoco part of the facility.

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