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There is a lot of funding available out there for people who are interested in a property. Whether you’re taking out a mortgage or getting a bridge loan, you can often approach lenders for your needs. Some money lenders come from banks, but there are also private money lenders. These direct money lenders often assist investors who require their funds quickly. Below is a list of loans that private firms offer

Fix-and-Flips Loans

Flipping a house is a popular trend in the housing market right now as it increases the value of the property you’re trying to sell. Individuals or real estate investors buy a house “as-is” then renovate and repair it before selling it to new homeowners for a higher price. Fix-and-Flip loans are typically short-term loans. They usually need to be paid after the property has been sold. Some private loans offer hard money loans that are short-term financing options. In this type of loan, real estate acts as collateral. They all have lower qualification requirements, so even borrowers with a proven track record or a long-standing credit history can apply. The main functions of a fix-and-flip loan are to help you with any of the following:


If a buyer or investor needs extra capital to bridge the gap between their funds and the property’s price, they can take out a fix-and-flip loan. After they renovate the distressed property, they can then sell it in the market for a higher price, pay back the loan, and profit.

Renovation and Construction

The loan can also be used for the renovation or construction of a neglected piece of property. Renovations can include installing new cabinets, floors, or furniture.

Rental Property Loans

When you think about becoming a landlord, you know there are lots of responsibilities involved. However, it can also be a wise investment. A lot of people now opt to rent their homes instead of buying permanent ones. If your rental property does good, you’ll have a steady stream of passive income. When you find the perfect rental property or want to convert your own property into a rental, it can be challenging to secure a loan. Thankfully, private rental loans are available for you. Private money lending firms such as DFW Speciality Lending provide this type of short-term loan to purchase or repair the rental property.

Bridge Loans

Another private loan that could be useful for your property is a bridge loan. This type of loan is used in real estate. It’s a short-term loan and it can also be used to buy property or act as a temporary source of finance until you get more permanent financing. There are also different types of bridging loans available, so it’s best to read up on them before taking out this type of loan. Since bridge loans are more immediate, you get cash flow. You can secure opportunities without waiting for other financings. Getting approved for this type of loan is also a lot faster compared to different loan types. This is genuinely convenient for people who might want to buy a new home or those who want to move but still haven’t sold their old property.

Fast Closing Loan

When you want to purchase a house, you usually take on a mortgage. However, the closing time for a mortgage reaches up to 45 days. With a fast closing loan, you can get funding the funding you need in a shorter amount of time, and you can close the deal on your new dream house a lot faster. Sometimes, you can lose a deal if the financing takes too long. Thankfully, private loans understand this. DFW Specialty Lending is a private firm that can help you with a fast closing loan and provide funding in as fast as twenty-four hours! That’s seven times faster than other money lenders.

As you can see, private loans also have a lot to offer to those interested in getting extra funding. Finding the right firm is crucial in helping you achieve your goals. If you’re a real estate investor, you also know how important it is to quickly find the best asset lender. With DFW Specialty Lending, you can get the best possible program to help you with your needs.

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