Dallas Museum of Art

For well over a hundred years, the Dallas Museum of Art has been one of the premiere attractions for culture vultures in the Dallas area. With its twin focus points of creativity and cultural diversity, the museum brings art to life in a way that is both timeless and cutting edge. It’s also the perfect option for a day out with something to keep the whole family entertained.

Embracing all artistic media ranging from high fashion to virtual reality, the DMA boasts a vast collection of works, with something to suit all creative tastes. And for the history buffs, their collection of artifacts is truly awe-inspiring. Most recently, the museum has added to its collection a Pre-Columbian ceramic vase dating back to 700–900 C.E; this is a work of both historical and artistic significance. It’s a gateway to the past that provides a fascinating insight into the way we used to live.

But that piece is just one of the hundreds of masterpieces out on display. These cover over five thousand years of history, and present a fascinating chronicle of human development and creativity across the centuries. Ceremonial masks, costumes and jewelry reflect the nature of celebration and religious worship in ancient cultures, while ceramics and household items paint a unique picture of day-to-day life in the distant past. The DMA also boasts a selection of some of the finest contemporary art too, with works by famous figures such as Jackson Pollock and Rene Magritte alongside dazzling masterpieces by Piet Mondrian and Vincent van Gogh.

The DMA is all about accessibility, with a whole host of options to meet all your individual requirements. This ranges from bespoke arrangements for wheelchair users through amplified hearing equipment for use during lectures. Regardless of your age or level of ability, the team at the DMA work extra hard to ensure everyone can enjoy the exhibits and events.

For young families looking for educational activities, the museum calendar offers regular events to encourage youngsters to engage with art. This ranges from toddler art classes to storytelling, music and play! It’s a great way to introduce your child to the world of art and culture, as well as supporting one of Dallas’s most beloved institutions. And for adults, teens and schools there are plenty of bold innovative programs to keep patrons engaged. It could be an art class, a tour, a film screening, concert or lecture- it’s all about expanding knowledge and fostering a sense of community.

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