Richardson is a city specifically located in Dallas County, in the state of Texas. Thanks to the census conducted in the year 2010, it was determined that this city had a total population of 99,223 habitants, and a population density of 1,336.9 people per km². In addition, it was determined that in the year 2019 the total population increased to a total of 121,323 habitants.

Also, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, Richardson has a total area of 74.22 km²; of that total area, 0.35% (0.24 km²) is water, and 73.98 km² is dry land. It is important to mention that the Texas Unit in Dallas is located in this city, as well as many telecommunication companies.

Short History

Richardson was founded in 1873. But, it is necessary to emphasize that years before the settlers arrived to this area to populate it, all this happened in the decade of 1840.

In 1908, the Texas Electric Railway improved transportation in the city. This helped to improve the population growth of this city. However, in the year 1924 the first road was built, currently that road is called “Greenville Avenue”. The construction of this road increased traffic in the city, the total population, and increased property values.

What Does This City Have to Offer?

The park called “Breckinridge Park” is definitely the first attraction that you should visit. This park is huge, and you can do several outdoor activities, including a hike in this park, or even a picnic with your family.

Also, the park called “Cottonwood Park” is a very special park because it is surrounded by many beautiful trees. In addition, events are held in this park several times a year.

You can also spend a nice time in the water park called “Heights Family Aquatic Center”, without any doubt in this park you can spend time with your family.

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