Heath is a city located exactly in the state of Texas. This city is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. In addition, thanks to a population census conducted in 2010, it was determined that Heath had a total population of 6,921 habitants. Previously, a population census conducted in 2000 showed that this city had 4,149 habitants. Currently, it is estimated that this community has more than 8,100 residents.

The city of Heath has a total area of 27.7 km², of which 27.36 km² is dry land, and only 1.27% (0.35 km²) is water. This city has many rolling hills and an excellent lake that provides a beautiful view for all the residents. Actually, the environment of this city looks quite simple and natural.

Short History

Actually this city has a fairly short history. Actually, the city of Heath was on the ballot in 2008. The reason for this is that, many people wanted to convert “City of Heath” to “Village of Heath”. But, of the 3,511 total votes cast, the residents decided not to make Heath a village.

What Does This City Have to Offer?

Because this city has many trails, Heath is actually ideal for outdoor activities. Also hiking, among other things. But not only that, if you like hiking, this city offers the best places for an excellent adventure.

This city really contributes to a much healthier lifestyle. Also, it is recommended that you visit the place called “Rush Creek Yacht Club” because that place offers many recreational activities. Besides, this place is the home of the Olympic Gold Medalists.

Education is also very important in this city, which is why Rockwall-Heath High School offers an education with the help of the most advanced technologies. Also, many companies are interested in investing in this city, because the population in this city is constantly growing.

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