Grand Prairie

Grand Prairie provides us with the best of both worlds. Conveniently located just minutes from Dallas, the state’s third-largest city, Grand Prairie offers proximity to metropolitan living and its downtown attractions. But don’t worry! This quiet farm town can just as quickly serve as a haven for those escaping city life. Grand Prairie boasts some of the best parks in the nation, earning the highest recognition by the National Recreation and Parks Association.

Since World War I, Grand Prairie has been known primarily for its contributions to the aviation industry. Grand Prairie remains an important industrial hub still today. After all, the top employers in the city are Lockheed Martin– which includes air and missile defense, Bell Helicopter-Textron, and Vought Aircraft Industries. Even more, Grand Prairie serves as the headquarters to aviation powerhouses such as Airbus.

Even with its small-town vibes, Grand Prairie has plenty to offer in the arts and entertainment department. If wartime manufacturing isn’t your thing, explore Traders Village, the biggest flea market in the state of Texas! Grand Prairie is also the proud home to a top-rated golf course, a skatepark, a race track, and even a _Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!_ museum. And with 58 state parks to enjoy, there’s no shortage of rugged Texas beauty. Lynn Creek Park and Loyd Park can cater to all your beaching and boating needs.

As of 2010, Grand Prairie’s population was 175,396, making it the 15th largest city in Texas. Due to its central location and heavy industrialism, Grand Prairie has continued to grow while somehow preserving the city’s Southern charm. And since G.P. is a Dallas suburb, it’s no surprise that Grand Prairie is a great place to live and visit! You can catch a Dallas Cowboys home game without paying the high housing costs of the city. Now, what’s better than that?

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