Garland is a large city located specifically northeast of Dallas in the state of Texas. Garland is also a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. However, almost the entire territory of this city is located in Dallas County. But, also a small area of this city is located in Collin County.

In the 2010 population census, the city was estimated to have a total population of 222,876 habitants. Garland is the 87th most populated city in the United States. Not only that, in 2008 the city was ranked 67th in the “100 Best Places to Live”.

This city is mostly middle class, although in some areas there are upper class neighborhoods.

Short History

Literally, in the year 1891 two “feuding” towns combined to form the city of Garland. Within a few years (1904), the city had a total population of 819.

Then, in 1920, several businessmen of this city financed the construction of an electricity generating plant to supply the entire city. Years later, thanks to this investment, “Garland Power and Light” was built, and today this generating plant helps the city.

In 1960, due to the consequences of the Second World War, the total population of this city quadrupled. From 1970 onwards, many businessmen decided to invest in this city.

What Does This City Have to Offer?

This city has many attractions that you should visit. The attraction called “Convention & Visitors Bureau” helps you to explore the city without inconveniences. In addition, it also explains the history of the city.

You can also visit “Atrium”, in this place they do events during the night, and it is really a very nice place. You can take a lot of pictures, because the landscaping is incredibly beautiful.

In addition, this city has several libraries, several museums and several natural parks that you should visit. As mentioned above, this city has many natural sites, and excellent modern architecture.

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