About Us

About UsFor nearly six decades, the principles at DFW Specialty Lending have made the experience of accessing funds for loans easy, rewarding and pleasant. Because we understand the potential of each investor, we place great attention on the value of making our investors happy. To that end, every transaction is handled with total professionalism, expertise and proficiency. Most important, we are available to support our investors, as we always have their best interests at heart. As seasoned real estate professionals, we are able to offer rates and terms that are not available through traditional avenues. In fact, the application process is reviewed quickly by one of our principles and closings are typically within only 7 to 10 days. Closings have occurred as quickly as 24 hours.

Meet our professional principles:

Lonnie Goodman – Chief Executive Officer

Lonnie Goodman is Co-founder of DFW Specialty Lending and serves as Chief Executive Officer of the firm. For the past 29 years, Lonnie’s clients have been his singular focus where his passionate leadership and lending experience convey a message of knowledge and expertise. In addition to providing sound advice, prompt service and vigorous advocacy for his clients, Lonnie’s attention to detail is second to none. As a Director of one of the leading community banks in the Dallas, Texas area, Lonnie is heavily involved in community activities where he serves on several civic and community boards. In addition to his lending experience, he has extensive knowledge and expertise in areas including purchasing, renovating and selling real estate as an investor.

Jeanna “Cookie” Smith – Executive Vice President

Jeanna “Cookie” Smith is Co-founder of DFW Specialty Lending where she serves as Executive Vice President. Bringing a wealth of knowledge to her responsibilities, Jeanna has been lending for close to three decades with her primary focus being in real estate transactions. As an expert in her field, some of the projects Jeanna has financed include land development, construction, purchases and renovation/remodel loans for various types of properties. With experience in all aspects of real estate/mortgage lending, her collaborative approach with investors provides her clients with the depth of knowledge and experience that make her an exceptional asset to investors. Adding to her long list of credits, Jeanna is extremely active in the community and serves on various boards and community organizations.